Student Details

Diviya_edited copy

Name: Diviya Ranganahan

ID: 1132701964


Year: 2017/2018


Mobile Number: 014-6404313

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Campaign TVC Execution FYP2

22 December 2017, marked as the first phase presentation day in the journey of Advertising Design Project 2. In this stage, I were required to present 2 idea. Therefore, below are the ideas I proposed. Presentation Slides


Idea 1

Concept: Animation

Genre: Animation-Fantasy




Idea 2

Concept: Mixing Life Action and Animation

Genre: Fantasy



From the both ideas proposed, lecturers choose the 2nd (mixing life action with animation) to proceed my production.



Production of Critiques 1



Preparing storyboard



Preparing digital storyboard



Preparing script

Production of Print Ads

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 21.21.43Print Ads 1

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 21.22.00

Print Ads 2

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 21.22.16

Print Ads 3

Production of Other Ads Format – Guerilla

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 21.11.37

Guerilla (Transparent billboard, kids can place their head on the costume and take pictures)

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 21.11.50

Guerilla (Glass billboard, kids can place their head behind the planets and take pictures)

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 21.12.00

Guerilla (Staircase with astronomy knowledge, boosting understanding of space science in between public)

Production of Other Ads Format – Out of Home

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 21.12.22      Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 21.12.32

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 21.12.44Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 21.12.56

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 21.13.05

Production of Other Ads Format – Social Media Intergration

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 21.13.26  Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 21.13.41

Audio Visual 1


Audio Visual 2

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Campaign Environmental Media Execution FYP1

The environmental media of this campaign is executed to provide activity which has educational purpose for kids to boost their knowledge in astronomy/space science genre. Besides that, the activities been planned are more on fun and creative practical work to make it interesting and fun to learn.


exhibition profile-01


Exhibition Profile – Registration Counter, Screen (Galileo Ask), Workshop Island, Fortune Wheel, Stage.


Floor Plan – Detail view: Floor Plan


1. Activity Flowchart – Registration Counter

Registration counter is to extract personal information from visitors for further marketing, such as sending EDM or any other promotional details. Once visitors register themselves at the counter, they will receive a goodie bag consist of pencil case, water bottle, badge and notebook.


2. Activity Flowchart – Detail View LCD Wall Screen

1. Login page (Alternatively consists of Sign Up option for new users): Email Id and password is required to login each and every time and also ‘forget password’ for renewing lost password.

2. Sign Up (for first timers): Details such as email id, first and last name, and creating password is required to keep tract on users after the sign up.

3. Questions: A set of 10 questions will be displayed (shuffled and renewed) every time.

4. View Score: Score will be displayed by calculating correct answers and time taken to make it even challenging for every users.

5. View Scoreboard: Scoreboard is to provide a competitive situation for kids and boost their urge to win the competition and maintain their score right at the top.


3. Activity Flowchart – Stage

Four activities will be conducted on the stage. Among them are, costume play, colouring contest, writing poem to the universe, and prize giving ceremony for winner of Galileo Ask competition.

4. Activity Flowchart – Workshop Island

Workshop Island is a mini internal booth to provide hands-on activity for youngs. Examples of activities have been proposed are, making spaceship with bottles, painting sphere styrofoam like planets, painting universe on t-shirt, and making milky way galaxy.


5. Activity Flowchart – Fortune Wheel

Fortune wheels are for visitors who have bought tickets to National Planetarium. A chance to spin the wheel will be given, no matter where the wheel stops, all the prizes are planned majestically. Examples of prizes are, 2 tickets to NASA, telescope, galaxy printed umbrella, galaxy printed sweat pants, NASA blazer, 9 planet inspired marbles, and 9 planet inspired pillows.

Exhibition booth views

Best View 3

Perspective View 1

Perspective View

Perspective View 2

Front Perspective View

Perspective View 3

Back Top View

Back Top View

Back View

Back View

Side View

Side View

Top View

Top View

Detail Interior View

Detail Interior View

Fortune Whee

Fortune Wheel View

Screen View

LCD Screen View

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Campaign Website Execution FYP1

This is a parallax website. Besides more on informative knowledge, this website contains an education game, which boosts the participation of kids by answering questions and maintaining their scores in scoreboard to win exciting prizes in the booth organises by National Planetarium.





Wireframe (Home, About Us, Galileo)


Wireframe – Galileo (Take Quiz)


Wireframe (Discovery Centre, Plan Your Visit, Contact Us)


Mock up – Page 1 (Home)

Home – Timeline headlines.


Mock up – Page 2 (About Us)

About Us – Meet and Greet Galileo. How you can reach us? Where are we located? How we can help you?


Mock up – Page 3 (Galileo)

Galileo – Place your questions to ask our mascot. Reply will be given if user’s login onto the site. Encourages younger generation to answer some astronomy related questions and scores will be given. User’s who login: Winners will be chosen at random time and prizes will be given at our exhibition booth.

Artboard 1

Mock up – Take Quiz landing page (Login)


Mock up – Take Quiz (Answer questions)


Mock up – Take Quiz (View scores)


Mock up – Take Quiz (View scoreboard)


Mock up – Take Quiz (Thank you page)


Mock up – Page 4 (Discovery Centre)

Discovery Centre – Content: Observational Gallery, Space Theatre, Anti-gravity room.


Mock up – Page 4 (Plan Your Visit)

Plan Your Visit – Google Maps, Waze, Mark Your Calendar


Mock up – Page 4 (Launch Us)

Launch Us – Basic form for users to place any inquiries.

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Campaign Execution FYP1

Space Life is an edcuational campaign carried out for children in the age group between 6-12 years old. This campaign is to boost young generation’s knowledge on space science/astronomy.

Gradually, the campaign’s overall experience will lead the audience to the National Planetarium and boost up the sale. ‘Galileo’ the brand mascot is the main attraction which is being portrayed as a super hero in educational field. Galileo is named after the Father of Astronomy, Vincenzo Galilei.

Concept boardConcept board

logo variations

Logo-Font Variations


Mascot Design





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Advertising Design Project – Situation Analysis

Attached is the situation analysis for National Planetarium, Malaysia.

Pdf – Situation Analysis

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Advertising Design Project – Introduction




  • Product:

National Planetarium/Planetarium Negara


  • Problem Statement:

In accordance to some online reviews, some bad reviews were matched where some people feels as Planetarium has very boring exhibits because its mostly non-interactive but just informative inventions. This problem caused re-visit to be bounded. Other than that, there we no workers or guides inside the exhibits, so parents should study from online or seek knowledge from somewhere to educate their kids on astronomy. Besides, the indirect competitors have much advanced technology on their inventions that could attract the public that National Planetarium.


  • Target Audience:


Age: 6-12 years old

Gender: Male and Female

Education: Primary School

Occupation: Students

Income Range: –

Race & Ethnicity: All

Geographical Location: Urban



Perception: Interests in seeking knowledge in space science/astronomy.

Learning: Influences by friends, online and offline knowledge seeking behaviour.

Motivation & Need: To understand space science  and astronomy better as it is important for every human being

Attitude & Personality: People who are curious to seek knowledge

Lifestyle: Learning Curiosity






  • Campaign Name:

Space Life


  • Big Idea:

Superior Inspiration


  • Advertising Objective:

1. To change the misconception from boring exhibit to something interesting and create awareness of self-learning method.

2. To educate people about the importance of astronomy knowledge.


  • Aim:

1. To raise awareness and promote National Planetarium as Malaysia’s proud creation on astronomy within the younger generation.


  • Concept:

Super Hero in Education


  • Tagline:

Behold the power of your dreams


  • Unique Selling Proposition:

True-to-life Experience


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Final Assignment 2

Here is the screenshot of our processing website before publishing.12751724_1210937708934987_143547947_o 12752270_1210937705601654_431197134_o Screenshot-2016-02-22-18.15.51 Screenshot-2016-02-22-18.16.31 Screenshot-2016-02-22-18.17.24

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Final Assignment 2

Later, we have came up with some mock ups based on the wireframes and greyscale.web1_news web1 web2_news web2 web3_news web3 web4_news web4


But since I’m too into graphic designing, my designed are all very graphical which unfortunately doesn’t suit for trendy web designing. So lecturers choose my friends idea, which was quite simple and suitable for web.

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Final Assignment Part 2


For our second part, we are to start with some sketches of ideas. Initially we had a plan to do in the parallax method, so most of our design was based on parallax. But yes, unfortunately i have not saved any of the sketches, but have submitted it. Than we are told to proceed with the wireframes and greyscale of the websites.wireframe_news greyscale_news greyscale_home greyscale_home copy

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