Advertising Design Project – Introduction




  • Product:

National Planetarium/Planetarium Negara


  • Problem Statement:

In accordance to some online reviews, some bad reviews were matched where some people feels as Planetarium has very boring exhibits because its mostly non-interactive but just informative inventions. This problem caused re-visit to be bounded. Other than that, there we no workers or guides inside the exhibits, so parents should study from online or seek knowledge from somewhere to educate their kids on astronomy. Besides, the indirect competitors have much advanced technology on their inventions that could attract the public that National Planetarium.


  • Target Audience:


Age: 6-12 years old

Gender: Male and Female

Education: Primary School

Occupation: Students

Income Range: –

Race & Ethnicity: All

Geographical Location: Urban



Perception: Interests in seeking knowledge in space science/astronomy.

Learning: Influences by friends, online and offline knowledge seeking behaviour.

Motivation & Need: To understand space science  and astronomy better as it is important for every human being

Attitude & Personality: People who are curious to seek knowledge

Lifestyle: Learning Curiosity






  • Campaign Name:

Space Life


  • Big Idea:

Superior Inspiration


  • Advertising Objective:

1. To change the misconception from boring exhibit to something interesting and create awareness of self-learning method.

2. To educate people about the importance of astronomy knowledge.


  • Aim:

1. To raise awareness and promote National Planetarium as Malaysia’s proud creation on astronomy within the younger generation.


  • Concept:

Super Hero in Education


  • Tagline:

Behold the power of your dreams


  • Unique Selling Proposition:

True-to-life Experience


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