Campaign Environmental Media Execution FYP1

The environmental media of this campaign is executed to provide activity which has educational purpose for kids to boost their knowledge in astronomy/space science genre. Besides that, the activities been planned are more on fun and creative practical work to make it interesting and fun to learn.


exhibition profile-01


Exhibition Profile – Registration Counter, Screen (Galileo Ask), Workshop Island, Fortune Wheel, Stage.


Floor Plan – Detail view: Floor Plan


1. Activity Flowchart – Registration Counter

Registration counter is to extract personal information from visitors for further marketing, such as sending EDM or any other promotional details. Once visitors register themselves at the counter, they will receive a goodie bag consist of pencil case, water bottle, badge and notebook.


2. Activity Flowchart – Detail View LCD Wall Screen

1. Login page (Alternatively consists of Sign Up option for new users): Email Id and password is required to login each and every time and also ‘forget password’ for renewing lost password.

2. Sign Up (for first timers): Details such as email id, first and last name, and creating password is required to keep tract on users after the sign up.

3. Questions: A set of 10 questions will be displayed (shuffled and renewed) every time.

4. View Score: Score will be displayed by calculating correct answers and time taken to make it even challenging for every users.

5. View Scoreboard: Scoreboard is to provide a competitive situation for kids and boost their urge to win the competition and maintain their score right at the top.


3. Activity Flowchart – Stage

Four activities will be conducted on the stage. Among them are, costume play, colouring contest, writing poem to the universe, and prize giving ceremony for winner of Galileo Ask competition.

4. Activity Flowchart – Workshop Island

Workshop Island is a mini internal booth to provide hands-on activity for youngs. Examples of activities have been proposed are, making spaceship with bottles, painting sphere styrofoam like planets, painting universe on t-shirt, and making milky way galaxy.


5. Activity Flowchart – Fortune Wheel

Fortune wheels are for visitors who have bought tickets to National Planetarium. A chance to spin the wheel will be given, no matter where the wheel stops, all the prizes are planned majestically. Examples of prizes are, 2 tickets to NASA, telescope, galaxy printed umbrella, galaxy printed sweat pants, NASA blazer, 9 planet inspired marbles, and 9 planet inspired pillows.

Exhibition booth views

Best View 3

Perspective View 1

Perspective View

Perspective View 2

Front Perspective View

Perspective View 3

Back Top View

Back Top View

Back View

Back View

Side View

Side View

Top View

Top View

Detail Interior View

Detail Interior View

Fortune Whee

Fortune Wheel View

Screen View

LCD Screen View

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