Final Assignment Part 1


We were assigned to create a website for ‘litter of light’ Malaysian microsite. We were to work in a group of two. My group member is Jhenheney Subramanian. As our first part, we have told to find some references of microsite and explain the design. Here is the attachment of my Part 1- Final Assignment. final project_ part1

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Assignment 1 – Online Resume/Portfolio -Screenshots

After I’m done with my Abobe Photoshop, I opened all the files in Adobe Dreamweaver and started to link it. Here is the final screenshots of all my webpages.


Home Main




Main Portfolio


Main About



In my contact page, i have also created a Facebook, instagram and google maps button to directly link to the particular webpages from my website.


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Assignment 1 – Online Resume/Portfolio -How i did it?

At first, i designed the templates in Adobe Photoshop. The reason behind i choose black for my website is because it gives more classy look, so I’ve sticked with it. Moreover, the vibrant orange gives a attracting look when composed together with black.

Home Main


Than, I’ve used the ruler grid to mark the parts that i have to slice with the slice tool to make it more specific.



Than, I used the slice tool to slice the buttons than i wanted to insert links. Later on, i saved it in HTML format by first, saving it to ‘web and devices’ and than ‘HTML and Images’

save for web and devices

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Assignment 1 – 5% Online Resume/Portfolio -Sketches

However, i was not so satisfied with my rough idea. After going through the notes for ‘Principles of good web usability’ i felt i can improve my sketches to a better webpage. So re-did my sketches.


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Assignment 1 –Online Resume/Portfolio -Sketches

This assignment is an individual assignment. We are to create our own personal website- online portfolio.

Here is my first sketch of the rough visual how my portfolio web page is going to look like.




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Hello world!

Welcome to Orion Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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