Week 4 Exercise (E-Marketing)

Lee Jun Khai



    1. Tell me, in your own words, what made the Barack Obama 2008 Campaign so successful?

During the 2008 presidential election, Mr Obama had used the internet as his method of campaigning. He had created a Facebook account & had hired a team of specialist to manage his online presence. This allowed voters to participate in his campaigns through comments & feed backs, making them feel as if they’re a part of Mr Obama’s ideal and they’re the ones fueling up the campaign.

Obama’s team had also utilized Youtube’s free video streaming services, allowing his campaign speeches to be repeated over & over again. His speech, posted on his official Youtube account, was watched for over 14.5 million hours. The cost to buy 14.5 million hours of TV broadcast time is $47 million dollars. This method is much more effective than TV advertising due to the fact that users choose to view the campaign advertisement rather than being forced to watch it on TV by the TV stations. This method, in theory, allows the user to be more susceptible to ideals & propaganda.

      2.   How would you use his strategy if you were run for president of Multimedia University’s Student Council?

Yes I would. If I were to run for the president of Multimedia University’s Student Council,I would utilize social networking sites as my main advertising strategy. This is because most young adults these days gets most of their news & information through social media applications. By discussing online, I’d be able to understand the issues faced by the students, even minor ones that most students would not bother to make an official report.

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