Assignment 1 – Update 2

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Thanks for staying with us, and welcome back.

For our case study, we’ve decided to use the wildly successful Burger King’s promotion, the “Whopper Sacrifice”


The Whopper Sacrifice is a Facebook application by Burger King to promote their new product, the “Whopper”

The idea behind this viral campaign is pretty simple.
Sacrifice 10 of your friends on Facebook, and you will receive a free coupon from Burger King.

The campaign basically highlighted the discrepancy between what constitutes a “Facebook friend” vs a “real friend”. An idea that anybody on Facebook has no doubt already joked about when they find themselves amongst their “real friends”.

The catchy phrase” You Like Your Friends, But You Love The Whopper” was catchy enough to generate enough awareness and interest to the audiences.

Burger King also redirected their audience to another application to something called “Angry-Gram”, basically a fun way to voice out your annoyance towards an annoying friend, & anyway, heres a link to a simple demo of the application

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