E-Marketing Assignment Update

hi all

being a little late since the assignment is already submitted. but anyway, here we go

I’ll be in charge with compiling & arrangingĀ all the information collected by my group members, as well as the presentation slides.

anyway, heres theĀ thing

1) This would be our front cover

Progression 5

2) Content Page


Progression 6

3) Screenshots of event introduction




Progression 7

4) List if Issues



Progression 8

5) the SWOT analysis that our group did awhile back

Progression 9

6) Objective Setting




Progression 10

These are just pieces of the report, i wont be adding every page on here to keep the page short. Not sure if its completely according to what the lecturer wants (judging from her reaction today during our presentation, we did make a mistake or two ><!)

Anyway, thats all for today, millions of thanks for staying tuned, have a nice day, & cya all next time. /


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