E-Marketing Pros & Cons of Mobile Marketing


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  1. High penetration of devices
    Most mobile users carry around their mobile devices wherever they go, and responds to it by the instant. By utilizing mobile advertisements, users will be alerted about it in the instant.


  1. Instant input of information
    Most mobile devices are turned-on all the time, allowing it to receive input constantly with live-time updates to every new advertisement.


  1. User’s personal information
    User’s personal information is stored in the their mobile devices, including their behavior, preferences & others.


  1. Good response rate
    Preliminary data show good response rates for mobile campaigns (5% click rates vs. 1% for conventional web ads).


  1. Building customer database
    Mobile marketing can help build a customer database. Once customers opt in to receive an ad, you can use the information for loyalty marketing and customer retention.




  1. Technological restrictions
    Current WAP technology inadequate, discouraging web searching and surfing


  1. Content adaptation
    The current adaptation of mobile ads and messages on mobile devices results in poor user experience.


  1. Scarcity in mobile centered websites
    Due to it being a fairly recent technological advancement, mobile websites were still in its infancy stage, with only 8% of 1,000 top U.S. brands offer a mobile site.


  1. Various device types
    The sheer variety of mobile devices out there in the market resulting in a fragmented & complex marketing strategy, mainly due to the various functionality & devices.


Examples of Mobile Marketing

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