E-Marketing Assignment 2 Update #01

Hi there, been a long while since i posted anything 😛

anyway, lets get straight to topic




This is an Augmented Reality code created with Zapcode (nope, its not Pokemon Go) that allows u to access view contents that is only available through the app. Lets skip the description and get on with it

1) Install Zapcode on your mobile device
2) Then Zap it
3) Refer to step 1 if you couldnt get it working


and coming up is the email marketing (that usually ends up in your spam folder xD)

anyway, i used MailChimp to send myself an email containing the banner that I designed

& here it is




& then im supposed to do the coding part for the website mockup, unfortunately, the file size exceeds wordpress’s maximum limit, so please check out our final release during submission day….


Thats about it for now, theres more coming but im seriously debating whether to post another lengthy post here due to the workload lol

Anyway, cyas   (ㆁωㆁ*)ノ


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