Web Design Project Part 1

The Red Bulletin


The Red Bulletin is a general interest magazine created by Red Bull targeted towards men between age 25 – 35. The homepage features a slideshow displaying the current featured content. It covers pretty much the entire screen, directing the reader’s attention to the image and its title.The featured image however, seemed to have an issue loading properly despite not having an obtusely large file size (This could be caused by my slow internet connection, however, I’ve not had this problem on other websites). The typeface used for the title is a bold, white sans-serif font, giving it some visual weight and allowing it to be read with ease.

Red Bulletin (1)

The headers used for this website is a responsive dropdown menu that features the latest content as well as the recommended content. Blank space here is properly managed as it doesn’t feel too empty while sporting a simple design.

Red Bulletin (3)

The contents are featured in a similar way to Pinterest, with a twist that includes a larger version for its featured content. An issue with this method is that it sometimes leaves a blank space around the featured pin, making it seem empty and unbalanced.

Red Bulletin (4)


The Elder Scrolls Official


The Elder Scrolls page is a promotional website created by Bethesda Softworks in order to promote their game series, The Elder Scrolls. The page starts off with a landing page with requires the user to input their date of birth as a method to adjust their content that is appropriate towards the age group of their users.

Elder Scrolls (1)


The page then redirects the user to its homepage displaying its featured content. The page sports a much more sophisticated design to adhere to the theme of its content. The Call to Action button is located on the top right of the page that reflects its current featured content. One issue with this website however, is the header for the parent site, which clashes horribly with the aesthetics of the website.

Elder Scrolls (2)

Burger King Beach Run


The Burger King Beach Run by Burger King, is an annual fundraiser event for Burger King’s scholarship programme. The homepage for the site sports a slideshow featuring a series of banner containing crucial information regarding the event. The site employs a header with a simple design displaying pretty much everything someone interested in the event would like to know of.

Burger King (1)


Burger King (2)

The typography used in this website shows visual weight to its design with the important announcements rendered in large, bold letters intended to draw attention to itself. The navigation of the website is extremely intuitive, just keep scrolling downwards and you will find the next piece of information leading up to one another.

Burger King (3)Burger King (4)

Domino’s DXP


Domino’s DXP is a website created by Domino’s Pizza to promote their new delivery vehicle, the Domino’s DXP. The website employs a tile design for their website, which includes an interactive browser application that is designed to demonstrate the DXP’s function and features. The site also features various videos and Ads intended to showcase the new DXP’s various highlights.

Domino's DXP (1)

However, an issue with this website is with its interactive content that showcases the DXP’s features. First of all, while it looks appealing, the controls for it is not very intuitive. For example, the car in the website is controlled by holding down left. However, when pressing left to move the car, the user would often miss the various content due to the website now having a method to stop the movement of the car long enough to read the text shown on the website.

Domino's DXP (2)

This setback is somewhat mitigated by the developers of the website by employing a side menu to set checkpoints for the user to reinspect the contents. However, this method is somewhat immersion breaking as it requires the user to pause the content just to be able to be informed of something that they should’ve been informed previously in the first place.

MCD’s Welcome To Our McWhopper Proposal


McWhopper (1)

MCD’s McWhopper is a website created Burger King in collaboration with McDonalds to celebrate World Peace Day. The website employs some masterfully crafted visuals that gives hierarchy and visual weight to the elements presented in the website. When scrolling downwards, the burgers seen start falling down and the next title pops up in an order that makes sense. All the while interesting things play out in the background, making it much more interesting. One tiny issue with this website is that it might be difficult to find something in the website as there is no fast navigation in the miles long website. However, the visual presentation of the website is good enough to make it less of an issue.

McWhopper (2)


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