Final Project Part 2 – Website Planning

Hey there

How is everyone doing, its been awhile but here is another update to my Web Design Project

Brand Chosen: Secret Recipe

Campaign Details
The campaign that we’ve came up with is called “Your Secret Love Story” and it is a campaign to celebrate the coming Valentine’s Day. The campaign is aimed at young adults aged from 17-39. The contest is a cake making competition where the participants could show their passion towards their partner. Basically the participants are required to take a picture of a cake that they’ve made and submit to our campaign’s microsite. The submission will be then posted in our social media website with the #yoursecretlovestory.

Project Gantt Chart

Project Concept board

Concept Board

Project Site Map

MAD 2053 Web Design NOV 2016-2017 sitemap

Simple Wireframes

Wireframe 1 Wireframe 2 Wireframe 3 Wireframe 4


Greyscale 1Greyscale 2Greyscale 3   Greyscale 4

Grayscale with blind text

 Greyscale with text 3Greyscale with blind text 2Greyscale with Text 1  Greyscale with blind text 4

Finalized Design


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