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Tell me, in your own words, what made the Barack Obama 2008 Campaign so successful?

Barack Obama is the first African American to be elected president; he was also the first presidential candidate to effectively use social media as a major campaign strategy. (Rutledge, 2013). Barack Obama was the first to use the Internet to organize supporters, advertise, and communicate with individuals in a way that had been impossible in previous elections. Obama utilized sites like YouTube to emphasizing his patriotism through videos; build relationships with supporter through Facebook; used Twitter to promote legislation and support for his policies.

The key of success in Barack Obama 2008 Campaign is dominating the social media with Internet in public relations with the voter. As the technology is moving fast, the emergence of social media had change the way which political communication takes place in the US. Barack Obama’s team spent $47M in digital campaign spending. He realizes the important and opportunities and minimum the risk of social networking sites to share out his political message to reach out with his voter. He effectively use social media as a major campaign strategy.

Barack Obama use social media to define his image to the people to create trustworthy. He developed an upfront, personable and face-to-face quality that gave his supporters a sense of security and trust, which inspired them to rally others in their local communities. He used Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, MySpace, obamabarack.com to connect with the people. Obama had far superior reach of message to the people with his existing social media base and spreadable content compare with his opponent John McGain. Obama’s campaign was further strengthened by his opponent John McCain’s comparatively limited use of the Internet. (Stirland, 2008)

His team spent $643,000 internet budget to promote his Facebook. His number of followers in Facebook had increase to one million during 17 June, 2008. Obama’s facebook increase political empowerment to generate support with spreading the word, encouraging voters and raising huge funds from internet donors.

In additions, Obama’s account with 16.5 million followers ranked 6th in term of followers in Twitter. Barack Obama is more approachable and creates an atmosphere of trust and sense of intimacy through the Twitter. He often integrates with people to build trusts with discussing political topic and provides feedback to his follower. He is the president that makes real world connection against people.  His Twitter allows information and opinions to be tweet, amplifying ideas by tweeting and allowing each people to participate as an opinion leader through media production and distribution.

Obama’s campaign was further strengthened by his opponent John McCain’s comparatively limited use of the Internet. McCain did not have the organization of Obama’s campaign, nor did he spend a comparable amount of money on this portion of the campaign. Both opportune timing and usage of online campaigning gave Obama significant advantage over McCain In 2008, he was elected as president with 52.9% of voting percentage. Barack Obama’s campaign had use the new media technology to win the White House.

1. Rutledge, P., (2013) How Obama Won the Social Media Battle in the 2012 Presidential Campaign [Online] Available at: http://mprcenter.org/blog/2013/01/how-obama-won-the-social-media-battle-in-the-2012-presidential-campaign/

2. Stirland, S., (2008) Obama’s Secret Weapons: Internet, Databases and Psychology [Online] Available at: http://www.wired.com/2008/10/obamas-secret-w/



2. How would you use his strategy if you were run for president of Multimedia University Student Council?

If I were run for president of Multimedia University Student Representative Council (SRC), I would like to use his strategy to strengthen popularity rating because students in Multimedia University from different faculties are difficult to recognise each other’s due to large environment. Social networking is a free way to promote SRC to keep in touch with students and lecturer.

In MMU, CaMSys is the most preferably useful sites to promote and market. It is an education sites with strong interaction sensory which every students and lecturers get to receive message at the first place. Students and lecturer have to use CaMSyS daily to retrieve information from the institution. Therefore, it is the most effective way to do advertising and promote SRC to everyone. The advertisement is publish on the homepage with permission and attached with contact and social networking sites’ links. An effective marketing purpose can be achieved through CaMSyS with its coverage of MMU population and every student is able to recognise us quickly.

Other than that, I would use social networking sites to market SRC because it is the fastest way to make connection with students. Facebook and Blogger is an efficient way to define our image to create a good physical likeness of symbolize. Students are able to understand more about the vision and mission of SRC. The information of the SRC is able to update on-time through the blogger. SRC is able to connect with students immediately through Facebook with its active interactivity. Besides that, students may provide genuine feedback on us so we can improve our community.


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