Tutorial Exercise Week 4

Tutorial Exercise Week  4 __ E-Marketing

1. Tell me, in your own words, what made the Barack Obama 2008 Campaign so successful?

In the year 2008, where internet has become a norm among society especially among teenagers. Barack Obama is a wise person. He had utilized this advantage to spread memorandum and thoughts among American citizen.
Barack Obama 2008 Campaign was a very successful campaign. A special community site had been designed for this campaign –my.BarackObama.com ( https://www.barackobama.com/ ) which organize by a special team. People can comment or post on this website, any story like gun violence prevention, marriage equality, health and care and etcetera. This make people fell more direct connected with Barack Obama himself and a step for him to gain trust from his people. Although the election had over but this social network still stays online and the team still trying their best to listen to citizen’s stories, to help them when they need help.
Another reason is that Republican Party’s ads were mainly about Barack Obama and claimed that people of American didn’t know him well while Barack Obama didn’t care much about the competition. “Change We Can Believe In” as slogan. He’s ads tend to be more positive than other competitors and with all these ads in all kind of social media, people will get to know Barack Obama deeper and faster even lead to an affirmative thinking toward their future country leader.

2. How would you use his strategy if you were run for president of Multimedia University’s Student Council?

Peoples nowadays are extremely attached towards technology like cellphone, IPad, tablets and etcetera yet its not the device that they attached to but internet. What will you do once you switch on your device? YouTube, Google, Gmail, Facebook? Whatever it is, it all link to internet.
Instead of pasting posters of ourselves all over the campus like a spam, social websites can reach the function of brainwashing people to get to know about you more.
If I were run for president of Multimedia University’s Student Council, I will create a Facebook page first because Facebook currently is the biggest social media in Malaysia. With this Facebook page, it will link to other social media like Google+ or Twitter. Next, I will create a website blog with a good subject title, a powerful slogan, and of course a simple but attractive templates. In this way, students not only can comment or complain, but I can also get feedback from them about me and the student council. Last but not least, I can try create a campaign ads on social media example like MMLS.
In conclusion, when people get to know you more with this effective way, we will get higher chance to get the most votes and run the president of Student Council of Multimedia University.

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