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Pros & Cons of Mobile Marketing

1. High penetration of devices

Most mobile users carry around theirs mobile devices wherever they go and responds to it by instant. By utilizing mobile advertisements, users will be alerted about it in instant.

2. User’s personal information

User’s personal information is stored in the their mobile devices, including their behavior, preferences & others.

3. Good response rate

Preliminary data show good response rates for mobile campaigns ( 5% click rates vs. 1% for conventional web ads).

4. Building customer database

Mobile marketing can help build a customer database. Once customers opt in to receive an ad, you can use the information for loyalty marketing and customer retention.

1. Technological restrictions

Current WAP technology inadequate, discouraging web searching and surfing.

2. Content adaptation

The current adaptation of mobile ads and messages on mobile devices results in poor user experience.

3. Scarcity in mobile centered websites

Due to it being a fairly recent technological advancement, mobile websites were still in its infancy stage, with only 8% of 1,000 top U.S. brands offer a mobile site.

4. Various device types

The sheer variety of mobile devices out there in the market resulting in a fragmented & complex marketing strategy, mainly due to the various functionality & devices.


Banner Ads


In Apps Ads


Banner Ads


Interstitional Ads


In Apps Video Ads

Assignment 2 _ D’light Bakery Project Proposal ( Company Intro )

Project Proposal Document (Conceptboard) :-
Group 4 Proposal on Conceptboard’s Link


Front Cover

Conceptboard 2

Summary: Introduction of the D’light Bakery Shop

Conceptboard 3

Pictures: Exterior

Conceptboard 4

Pictures: Interior

Conceptboard 5

Pictures: Dinning Area

Conceptboard 6

Potential and Weakness

We made a simple intro video about the D’light Bakery using Powtoon.
D’light Bakery Intro’s Link

Bakery Intro

We also created a Facebook page which easier for us to do some disscusion and update post.
Facebook Page’s Link

Group 4 Facebook page

Corperate Identity _ Group 4

Project 1 _ Critical Analysis Report and E-Marketing Proposal

First of all, we have created a faceebook page and chatbox. Basically, we posted and shared link or information in the page and major dicussion happen in chatbox. By the way, our leader also designed a “COOKIES” logo for our group. So lovely~~ :3
[ ]

Cookies 2



Facebook Page

[ PART 1 ]
We have choosed KUALA LUMPUR ECO FILM FESTIVAL 2015 (KLEFF) as our e-marketing campaign analysis project.


KLEFF is Malaysia’s first and longest-running environmental film festival internationally. In the last seven years,this festival has reached out to approximately around 71,187 Malaysians through its film screenings and programs at selected venues all over the Peninsula Malaysia. Organized by non-profit environmental organization, EcoKnights. This festival is about film screenings which focused on critical environmental issues.

Click to see KLEFF Official website :-)

They had use several method for pormoting event such as poster, radio broadcast, official website, associate website, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).


KLEFF 2015 Official Poster


Radio Broadcast through TRAXX FM


Official Website


Associate Website


Socia Media: Facebook

However, we found out some issue regarding the KLEFF 2015’2 e-marketing strategy :-

  • Undermanaged Official Website
    – Have a well-designed website but contain some technicle error.
    Soloution: Fix the broken links and don’t let it appear half-complete.
  • Incomprehensible Text Design
    – Certain wordings are not contrast enough with the background causing trouble for readers.
    Solution: Change the typeface or make it bold.
  • Lack of Presence in Social Media Websites
    – Have official Facebook & Twitter page but ignored by the netizens.
    Solution: Create some simple video promoting the event.
  • Lack of Feedback from Participants in Social Media Sites
    – Received little feedback compare to the previous year.
    Solution: Admins should regulary repond to the followers. Feature comment and tags could be useful too.

As for champaign case study, we choosed “Whopper Sacrifice” created by Burger King. Its a way of promoting their new product, the Whopper Burger. It’s a Facebook app developed to demonstrate brand loyalty. Participant need to sign up for the application and delete 10 of their Facebook friends in the friend list in order to receive a free coupon for Burger King Whopper.
Through this campaign we can see the relationship between “Facebook Friend” vs “Real Friend” highlighted and how digital social media changed our culture lifestyle.


Screenshot of the Whopper Sacrifice Official Website

 Click to know detail how Whopper Sacrifice work

[ PART 2 ] 
SWOT analysis :-

  • Attractive toward foreign investor.
  • Provide a consistency of creative minds all over the world.
  • Various competitor around the world.
  • Lack of public interaction.
  • Attract interests for the event by increasing the number of young film maker.
  • Provide a foundation for the public to conserve and preserve our mother nature.
  • Promoting local activism and participantion in enviromental effort.
  • Competitor from higher-profile international competitor.
  • Lack of foreign interest in local event.

Target Audience :- 

  1. Environmentalist
  2. Filmmakers
  3. Students
  4. Volunteers

Competitor Analysis :-

  1. Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video & Music Festival 2015 (KLEX)
    – An idependent, artist-run grassroots international festival of experimental film, video and music.
    – Target to serve as a foundation to introduce contemporary experimantal cinama and music.
    Click here for more info
  2. Festival Film Festival 2015 (FFM) 
    – Organized by FINAS for appreciation and honouring the products of locally produced fil arts and artists.
    – Popular for the entire entertainment industry.
    Click here for more info

Objective Setting :-

  • To be one of the region’s most respected & sought after enviromental film festivals.
  • To be a leader in environmental awareness & education.
  • To reach out to the Malaysian public on ways to promote sustainable living.

Key Perfomance Indicators (KPI) :-

  • To have over 500 participants to event & over 2000 visitors.
  • To have at least 100 frequent participators for the event.
  • To br one of the top 10 searches by Malaysisn people with seaarch engines such as google.

E-marketing Strategy :-

  • Focused on becoming South-East Asia’s hub of enviromental films as well as increase the awareness towards the environmental.
  • Aspiring young filmakers.

Positioning :-

KLEFF 2015 will portray themselves as the most-prestigious center of enviromental arts, as well as to better appreciate the importance of eco-friendly films.

Strategies :-

  • Engage in web-based marketing
  • Engage in enviromental-friendly outdoor advertising

Tactics :- 

  • Engage the public with frequent use of social media.
  • Fully utillize Web3.0’s capabilities with various rich media content.
  • Be more active in socia media by tagging or replying questions.
  • Conduct some activity with free mystery prizes.
  • Organize some mini quiz event through radio broadcast stations.


Basically, we do all sorts of things including discussions and updates through Facebook pages. Sometimes we do face-to-face chatting as well. Instead of separating the work, we do everything one at a time, following the guidelines specified by the lecturer in the brief. Our leader gather all the final dicussion result and finalized it.



prove 2


prove 4

Constantly Update

Finally done our presentation~~yayyyy!!! Sorry for not presenting well. T^T Great job everyone~ :3

prove 3

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