Project 2 Update (Part 2 : Website Redesign)

Yo! I’m Enn Chee from group Cookies. Our choosen event project was Kula Lumpur Eco Film Festival 2015 also known as KLEFF 2015.

Here’s the webpage that we had redesign. We use red as our main colour. This is the Home Page which contain past showcase, latest news, organiser and some official partner. Of course, KLEFF also link with other social media as you can see at the bottom right of the page. There’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Home Page

Home Page

Next is the Film Page. This page contain all the past showcase/ screening. There’s 5 category. Animation is one of the example.

Film Page

Film Page

Carry on with the News page, where you can find all the latest news about KLEFF 2015.

News Page

News Page

The Attraction Page is where you can find out what other event will be hold during the KLEFF 2015. The page included small briefing about event/performance scadule.

Attraction Page

Attraction Page

You may cantact them as well to ask for any information. The contact page contain address, email, contact number and also a map which guide you to the official venue.

Contact Page

Contact Page

The last page is where you can see the screnning scadule during KLEFF 2015 so that you can manage the time and choose those screening that you interested in.

Join Us Page

Join Us Page

3D Modelling Assignment 2

This my 3D modelling for assignment 2 prosess. We been given 3 option and i’ve choosed the kitchen to model.


Choosen Kitchen to be model

First of all, i start by drawing a floor plan for the overall plan stucture. I first start model the wall by using line tool then extrude it follow by  the window and door.


Floor Plan







After that, i start model the kitchen interior such as the carbinet, stove, fridge, iron rod carbinet, dinning table and so on. It hard to model them for sure.


Carbinet Sketch




Cabinet Detailed with Handle




Iron Rod Carbinet Sketch


Iron Rod Carbinet


Major Part Modelling

Done with modelling, carry on with applying texture on the subject. I use bitmap that i found from internet and vray material for the mapping part.


Texture on Kitchen Pot


Texture on Floor


Texture Overall


Brick Texture for Wall


Wood Texture for Dinning Table


Marble Texture for Floor

Then, its lighting time.
I followed a VRAY Lighting Tutorial on youtube and apply it on my modelling and the result quite nice.


Lighting Test


Lighting Ajustment


Final Lighting


Final Render Artwork

3D Modeling Assignment 1 (20-28 JULY)

This is my first time doing 3D modeling. It very hard and frustrate bacause I’m just a beginner. My model object is a telephone. Honestly, I start this assignment quite late because of other subjects assignment also.

20 July: I start with the modeling first. I start with the body part bacause its the base of the model. The result seems weird. T^T

Captursdfghe 1

21 July: After 1 days with thousand of Ctrl+Z, i managed to model out the body of the telephone with buttons. Oh gosh, this is so hard. T^T


23 July: I think i’m done with the body part and i continue with the handle part. I seriously don’t know how to model this part. I tried many way with different kind of polygon but end up very bad and deleted.



25 July: Done with the modeling finally but having problem with the cable wire. My path deform seems to not working in the correct way. I watched many youtube tutorial video but i still can’t make it right. By the way, it looks funny after render. Haha :p



26 July: Yes!! Finally done with the modeling after spending the whole afternoon. Then, I start play with the color at night.

5 55


27 July (part 1): My friend told me that i only need to deal with the color when you applying material to your object. OMG~i  wasted my whole night yesterday. :(
I have no idea but to do it again while playing with the material editor.

6 7 8


27 July (part 2): Done with material part. Now lighting!! Those light so bright, so hard to control them. Hanging there, almost there~ QwQ



28 July (part 1):  After whole night didn’t sleep, everything done except one thing. I forgot to put text (number) on the buttons. T____T



28 July (part 2): Finally everything done after countless of Ctrl+Z !! 2pm already, I need to sleep~ good night~ zzz


Tutorial Exercise Week 11

Augmented Reality

1. Layar : Data in the browser comes in the form of layers. Layers are Rest web service  serving geo-located points of interest in the vicinity of the user.


2. Aurasma : Founded on the world’s best image recognition technology.  Vision is to enable an augmented world, where every image, object and place has its own Aura.


3. Zapcode : Contain two powerful content creation tools —- the Widget Editor and Pro Editor.


4. Wikitude :  An ideal package for brands and businesses who want to easily publish augmented reality campaigns and projects to the world.