Assignment 3_ D’light Bakery Project (Update 2: Business Card)

There’s 3 design of business card.
The first one is the most common reactangle type with logo and owner personal contact info on it.

business card back


business card front


I personally like the second one because it look special with the shape and can make it as a book mark too. (ps: all the doted line is to be cut off)

choice 2 front


choice 2 back


The final one is where my groupmates all decided to make as the final business card design for this project. The shape is the same following the outline of the muffin logo designed.
(ps:in my opinion, i personally don’t really like this design because it look more like a DIY card more than a business card)

choice 3 front


choice 3 back


Assignment 3_ D’light Bakery Project (Update 1 : Logo)

I’m Enn Chee from Group 4: Rino and the Buddies!! =D

This is our first designed logo for D’light Bakery shop. There’s actually bread, muffin and cookie inside a paperbag packaging. We passed our first consultation with this logo but failed for the second consultation.

Delight-bakery-logo-2After that we make another new logo with different version. We make the word “D’light” as the highlight and we trying to make the logo delightful. Blue and pink is our scheme colour because it make people feel delightful.

logo (2)

Ver. 1

logo (3)

Ver. 2

logo ver2 (3)

Ver. 3

logo ver2 (4)

Ver. 4

logo ver2 (1)

Ver. 5 (Modern version)

logo ver2 (2)

Ver. 6 (Modern version)

Unfortunately, all above design had been rejected. =(
So, we restart over again with advice that lecturer gave us and we manage to figure out another three design. Mostly with muffin as the outline shape and the wording is located inside the muffin.

logo ver3 (2)

At first i came out with this logo but my groupmate suggested me to take off the cream part. Lecturer accepted this but we still have to modified it to look more like a muffin.

logo ver3 (4)

I came out  a muffin without cream on top but my groupmate doesn’t like it either. This logo straight away being rejected during consaultation because its too ugly and weird with the muffin shape.

Finally, i make this logo and my groupmate agree to make this as our final logo but it had been rejected by lecturer because it looks more like a chef hat than a muffin but the color scheme is acceptable.

After the last consaultation, we don’t have much time anymore. I choose one of the rejected logo above 3 and motified it following my lecturer guide. I make the wording smaller, studying how an actual muffin looks like with the shape, cream and bake paper outline.

final final