Tried to change the HOMEPAGE design a little bit after consultation with pretty lecturer~ :)

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The old finalize design. Look pale and lack of inspiration.

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In progress of changing the homepage first view design with another background and logo as center attraction.

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The new finalized design with the changed of header also.

Added in the label of winner as suggested by lecturer. Used simple design rectangle label with white font and shadow to let people know which artwork is the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner.

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Label zoom in. As you can see black is more outstanding with shadow and white font.

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Label zoom out showing 3 main winner.

Here’s the rough final designed homepage (left) and finalized homepage design (right). homepage

Carry on is the sub-page of contestant’s folio where it show all the contestant artwork from all the participants.

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This is the page where other color of the month still showing to be announce.

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This will be the final look of the page after competition end and all the color of the month announced.

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It show the colorfulness of art. Each circle will have hover function showing the months.

And this is the finalize design.