Final Year Project_ Ideation Sketches

Showcase Area Sketches 

The BUILD IT! event main competition is recycle build so there will be some miniature building design display. All 4 design used boxes as main element that keep the recycle miniature display.
1st design: Stack up boxes on the floor with some transparent boxes as well to display some recycle miniature. The arrangement will be a straight line either horizontally or vertical.
2nd design: Same with the 1st design just the arrangement is different which the boxes will arrange in diagonal shape instead of flat side.
3rd design: It’s a hanging boxes concept along with miniature display in the boxes.
4th design: Boxes that attach along to the wall horizontally.

exibition 1

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Info Area Sketches

This section mainly show information about the event as well as the Architecture Museum background info.
1st design: A curve shape of large board with build in LCD touch screen that show event official website.
2nd design: Same with the 1st design just the shape will be straight and top part design will bend down few degree as its easier for visitors to look up.

info 1

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Creative Area Sketches

An area which visitor can have some interaction of mini games and Augmented Reality (AR).
1st design: It’s the normal standing or attach to wall kinda design which only allow 1 visitor per round to check on the event info on the LCD touch screen.
2nd design: A Maybank cardboard tower design with LCD touch screen on each 4 faces.  2 screens with mini games another 2 with AR interaction. The intention to make it double is to not let visitors crowded in one space while waiting for turns.

creative 1

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Workshop Area Sketches

A small workshop that will hold around 10 person per session.
1st design: It’s the typical row type of table and chair arrangement.
2nd design: A curve design arrangement with a japan culture table design and cushion as seat. The table allow people to put in their leg into the table while sitting on the floor.

workshop 1

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Rest Area Sketches

Place specially for family or parents to rest while wait for their children exploring around the exhibition.
1st design: A L-shape design seat along with a LCD screen attach on the thick pillar.
2nd design: Curve shape seat that attach with the workshop wall.
3rd design: Seat that attach with a long wall. The wall contain some architecture timeline and LCD screen that show information/photos about the building.

rest 1

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Photo Booth Area Sketches

Section for visitors to take selfie with different famous architecture as background. This concept is to let visitors feel like they been there for a vacation kinda feeling.
1st design: Visitors stand in between a normal box design camera and big green screen as background.
2nd design: A photo booth that similar with japan street photo booth where visitors go inside and take photo. The function still the same which they could choose different famous architecture as background.

photo 1

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