Final Group Report

Our idea

• To clearly state the objectives of the faculty through a simplified and aesthetically pleasing front page

• We would like to mimic certain websites on certain aspects

like :



• We plan to follow certain rules found on this website :

Objectives of the website

  • To ease the use of the MMU FOM website to students, staff and visitors alike
  • To create a better understanding of FOM’s objectives and goals
  • To be able to pull in more unique visitors to the website, therefore bringing more exposure to the faculty and university

Target Demographic

  • The main purpose of the website is to bring more unique visitors and concurring visitors such as students and staff through visual stimulation and ease of use of content.
  • The demographic we target is mostly everyone from students who just finished their SPM to foreigners from central Africa, through all age groups through simple management of elements in the website.
  • Simplicity is Key. Even old people like it easy.

Division of Tasks


-         Leader, web designer

-         in charge of main interface design

-         in charge of “Social” page

-         in charge of “Programs” page


-         Image Editor

-         In charge of “Contact Us” page

-         In charge of “About Us” page


-         Resource Manager

-         In charge of “Media” page

-         In charge of  “Student Access” page



We don’t have online meetings due to restriction of time and facilities(limited internet speed). Therefore, we usually meet face to face to discuss on the tasks at hand.

Problems Faced

-         Lack of knowledge on CSS

-         Lack of knowledge on HTML5/XHTML

-         MAJOR LACK OF “licenced” SOFTWARE









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